Here is what you really need to know about Mount Snow: it has a battery of 253 anti-fault weather snow guns that can inflict long-lasting ski-able conditions.

With the most important fact already revealed, let’s not stretch this writing piece. Let me lay out a few more notable titbits of things-you-might-need-to-know before travelling to southern Vermont.

I’m tellin’ y’all—you will be ballin’ at Carinthia terrain parks. Go ahead and start poppin’ your collar at Fools Gold, Grommet, The Gulch, Inferno, Iron Run, The Junkyard, Mineshaft, Narrow Gauge, Nitro, The Pit, Prospector, Rusty Nail, Mini Pipe, and Superpipe parks. They got ‘em all there: barrel bonks, rollercoaster boxes, log jibs, tree stalls, rock drops, wooden wall rides, propane tanks, and, of course, the 425” long superpipe. Y’all see that this place is seriously dope.

If your ski style doesn’t involve tailgrabs or frontside 360s, you can still stretch on the Main Face, home for many signature trails, including Snowdance, Standard, Long John, and Deer Run. Desperate to push the limits and your luck? The whole North Face is available for that. The majority of the trails are kept ungroomed for those who need extra adrenaline, steep pitches, and moguls. Aside from the famed Ripcord, an often icy and steep double black diamond trail, five glades are available for skiers and snowboarders who prefer to rip through wooded areas.

After a long day bouncing off the rails and ripping through moguls, head to the 7-Eleven store not far from the resort to rent a DVD or buy a single malt scotch. On the way to town, make sure to stay within the speed limits unless you want a speeding ticket big enough to buy a bottle of Jonnie Walker Blue Label.

Last but not least, consider all available lodging options to optimize your ski trip experience. The lodging separates Mount Snow from many other similar resorts: you can find a rental to fit just about every budget. Looking for valley parking, Wi-Fi, and a rooftop swimming pool minutes from the ski lifts? Welcome to the Grand Summit Hotel.

Got a few friends and want more space for less cash? Check out townhome villages such as Snow Trees. For £120 a night, you will have your own fireplace to relax in front of after a long day on the slopes, a deck for BBQ’ing, and access to all of the amenities offered throughout the resort. Have a big group and the willingness to go high end, up one notch? Book a three-bedroom three-bath Suntec townhomes. Each unit has its own hot tub and sauna, and some come with cable and a high-speed Internet connection.

Do yourself a favour: check out this mountain, stretch your ski season, and get more ski runs in regardless of the weather.

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